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Through the power of collaboration. We can produce designs that inspires action, wellness, and wonder.


To develop a better whole, by meticulously understanding its parts, whether an idea, an organization, or a product.


Translating data and insights into real life through intention, form, and narration.

‍My extensive knowledge of UXUI design principles and formative education in psychological research strengthens my ability to identify, strategize, and creatively solve complex human-centered needs.

My process, which involves constant definition and rigorous testing of user assumptions through multiple iterations of usability research and UI prototypes, ensures that I design intuitive solutions that are scalable and reliable.

I thrive in collaborative environments that encourage the exchange of creative ideas and agile methodologies.

As a team member, I advocate for the users, prioritize client needs, and promote shared understanding to achieve goals.

‍Curious and imaginative, my unique perspective produces insights that I apply to broad strategies and detail-oriented tasks to create meaningful experiences rooted in empathy that function and thrive in the real world.

Career jOURNEY

With a background in various industries, teaching, customer service, counseling, digital marketing, and quality assurance, my role in each always involves identifying, strategizing, and creatively solving complex human-centered needs.
Summer 2022 – Present

UXUI Instructor

My time as an educator has been extraordinarily rewarding. Within a year, I was promoted from TA to Instructor, which has enabled me to fine-tune my design strategy, leadership, and operation skills, and most importantly, how to instill the importance of empathy and making data-driven design choices.

Spring 2021 - Present

UXUI Teaching Assistant

In the Summer of 2020, I became a TA for a UTSA UXUI Bootcamp. Enabling me to understand a design team's role within FE Development has equipped me with the necessary working knowledge to ask questions and bring clarity and insight to the design team’s role within any production pipeline. I accomplish understanding by leading design reviews, critiques, and brainstorming sessions to ensure insights are well-informed and lead to actionable design decisions.

Fall 2021

Product Designer, UX

At Quorum, I was hired as a UX consultant, supporting product managers in navigating technological constraints and identifying viable designs for our software solution clients. I worked with the Quality Assurance team within the agile productions cycle to create GUI standards to automate unit testing before production.

Fall 2021

Jr. Experience Designer

I began my UX career as a Jr. Experience Designer for Lexus in Los Angeles, three months after obtaining my UXUI certification from General Assembly - Santa Monica. Here, I applied the design thinking framework to provide meaningful insights on UI trends based on the current market, which heavily influenced the car model redesign pages within this global e-commerce website.

Current Position:
UXUI Instructor
7 years
English & Spanish

design advocacy

The nature of design affords people the opportunity and privilege to shape the world we all inhabit; this is power – with power comes a responsibility.
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Curriculum Design

The advocacy committee within the AIGA Houston board partners with local middle schools to promote creative problem-solving and self-actualization skills through a Design Thinking workshop. 


Career Mentor

Teach through ambiguity by presenting a vision that stimulates passion and aids designers through their own career paths and growth opportunities.


Design Advocacy Committtee Chairwomen

Collaborate with the director to craft the advocacy committee's vision, strategy, and operations. Write grant proposals, budget, and acquire preliminary certifications permits to ensure financial and logistical stability.

Who Am I?

I am a UX/UI Instructor at the UTSA. I have two dogs and two cat, enjoy camping and herbalism. DesignOps and strategy is my professional focus.
Amateur HERBALIst
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